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Different needs, different types of personality! Soleo NEW products ensure faster tan, moisturized and flexible skin. Dedicated to all tanners.
New tanning experience!

Bronze Satisfaction are really intensive bronzers for anyone who searches for a safe tan with an intense and deep colour. The Bronze Satisfaction products ensure an effective skin care thanks to supplementary ingredients contained in each product.

The intense bronzing line Coffee Sun is recommended for different tan intensities. The products, based on natural bronzers with walnut extracts, provide immediate tanning results with a BIO effect. They reinforce intensively and deepen the natural skin colour.

Ego Man is a line of cosmetics adjusted to the needs of men’s skin in terms of composition, concentration and the type of active ingredients. The choice of products is easy, as they are adapted for the tan’s grade.

Deepen the existing colot of your skin, giving the intensive tingle extra effect.

Special Line is a line for special tasks. The high-quality products with special tanning and conditioning properties, designed for the selected parts of the body, such as legs, face and the body that needs a special bronzing formula.

Soleo Basic is dedicated for those who want to have a deep, golden tan. Contains unique mix of active components for better UV assimilation. It is basic line of cosmetics for everybody. Great price, great quality, full availability that Soleo Basic!