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Tingle Bell

Bronzing preparation accelerating the tanning process with a tingle effect. Due to the addition of aloe the bronzer efficiently moisturises the skin, whereas caffeine, along with plant extracts, regenerates the epidermis and improves its elasticity. The tingle effect – tingling and warming up the skin – makes it possible to break the tanning barrier and obtain a truly strong, chocolate shade of your skin.
Aloe extract – ensures intense hydration, soothes and alleviates redness and irritations
Safflower oil, Shea butter – regenerate and nourish the skin, help the tan last longer
Tyrosine – accelerates the process of tan development
DHA – ensures the immediate bronzing effect
Benzyl nicotinate – ensures the tingle effect: warming, tingling burning sensation, which makes it possible to deepen your tan
Caffeine, red algae – slimming and firming
lavender and amber
pouch – 15ml/.50 fl. oz. 
bottle – 100 ml /3.4 fl. oz.